Training at your site

Training at your site​

The option to conduct on-site training proves to be very crucial when urgent training needs to be completed in the given short deadline or when the delegates are unable to travel to the training centre. It helps saving the time, while getting the training done within the client facility. We understand this need very well and are always pleased to conduct the training at your site with proper equipments in place.

Certified Instructors​

Our team of Instructors are professionally trained and certified by accredited institution. The trainings conducted by our instructor is interactive in nature which enable the delegates to get involved in the learning process. This helps to facilitate a very conducive atmosphere for high retention of course information. 



Highest Competency level ​

All our safety trainings theoretical sessions are followed by the hands-on practical exercises leading to higher competency level of all trainees. Practical session enables the delegate to learn quick actions needed for daily challenges and scenarios and to get a better, deeper understanding of the course topic.

Work safely​

At the end of each course, an assessment is conducted to ensure that the trainee has understood the subject matter clearly. The assessment is both written and practical to ensure that the delegate is able to apply the learn information from the course to work safely. The certificates are issued only after the delegates successfully complete the both theory and practical assessment

Work Safely

Group activities​

We encourage group activities as it helps to bring forth the reserved trainees as well to get involved in the training actively. The simulation of work place scenario helps the trainees in bonding and looking out for each other´s safety.